Our history

We founded this organization to help children in need.
I met my wife in Venezuela in 1997.
When Venezuela was still a flourishing country we returned to Germany. After 20 years my wife spent 1 year in Venezuela. She came back to Germany very disappointed after all the bad things that happened in Venezuela.
Therefore we decided to start this project because we had to do something for our Venezuela and the children. The reason is that we are aware that bad things are happening all over the world, but through our personal connection to Venezuela we want to help the children there.
The idea is to create a basis of nutrition, medical care and education so that the children have a good start in life.
Venezuela is such a beautiful country full of beautiful nature and lovable people, but that is not all, we must not forget that apart from that, we want to help our people.
Children are the future. The best thing is to leave a beautiful future for the children.
With this mission, we want to offer support and education to the people so that the doors to the world are open for them.
What we want to achieve with this mission is that everyone contributes something to create a better Venezuela.

Next Steps

Donation of the Captains Foundation to help the needy people of Venezuela